The Importance of Immunizations for Both Adults and Children

Immunizations are a bit of a hot topic nowadays. Are you a parent seeking information about your kid’s health? Are you discussing a plan for your health with your provider? You likely have questions about vaccines. Which vaccines are the most important? Are there any risks associated with immunization? What are the benefits of vaccination? Our healthcare expert Dr. Karen Vaughn at Vaughn Internal Medicine and Pediatrics in Bellmead, TX, is happy to answer those questions because vaccines are one of the most important tools in medicine.

The History Of Immunization

Vaccines have come a long way from their beginnings to the vaccines we offer in Bellmead, TX. The earliest known immunization is hard to pinpoint. We know for a fact that, by the 1400s, the process was used with limited success to prevent smallpox. Variolation operated under similar principles to modern vaccines. Unfortunately, it was less refined and therefore riskier and less predictable. It wasn’t until around the time of the American Revolution that English physician Edward Jenner was able to produce the world’s first true smallpox vaccine. Jenner’s research, combined with the efforts of Louis Pasteur made the practice a staple of preventative healthcare.

Success of Vaccines

Immunization has been an overwhelmingly successful medical procedure. Before vaccinations became commonplace, outbreaks of diseases such as smallpox, polio, or whooping cough could devastate a community. Children were particularly vulnerable. After vaccines became common medical practice, infection rates plummeted. Polio is mostly extinct, as is smallpox. The best part is, vaccines are still keeping us safe. Flu shots and covid boosters have substantially dropped mortality rates and hospitalization for once devastating illnesses. Vaccines are the best tool we have for preventing disease.

Ready For Immunizations?

Immunization might still be an intimidating thing to you. If you have questions, don’t be afraid to ask. Our provider Dr. Karen Vaughn at Vaughn Internal Medicine and Pediatrics in Bellmead, TX can answer them all. Call (254) 335-5844 to schedule an appointment. Call today.

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